Herb of the Day: Greater Burnet

Greater Burnet
( Sanguisorba officinalis syn Poterium officinalis )
( Rosaceae )

Parts used: Rerial parts, root
Greater Burnet is a perennial herb that grows to 2 ft. It has long stalked compound leaves with 12 leaflets and purple flowers. Greater Burnet contains tannins, dilactone ( aphenolic acid ), gum, sanguisorbic acid.
It is a native to Europe, North Africa, Asia, greater burnet flourishes in damp pastures, especially in the mountain regions. It is cultivated as a fodder crop and as a salad vegetable, and is gather in the summer.
In Europe it has long been used as a fodder for animals and as an ingredient in beer making. As its Latin name implies it has also been used as a wound healer ( sanguis )which means blood, ( sorbeo ) which means I staunch. In Chinese medicine it has been used to staunch bleeding.
Aids with: slow or arrest blood flow, for heavy periods, uterine hemorrhage, Externally as a lotion or ointment for hemorrhoids, burns, wounds, eczema, gastro intestinal problems, diarrhea, dysentery, ulcerative, colitis.


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