Education: Younger and Older Readers

My Granddaughter, Adrian, age 8 loves to read, and her favorite reading are about herbs, flowers,animals,fish,birds and many more. Her favorite book is, “The Song of the Seven Herbs:, 1983 by Walking Night Bear and Stan Padilla, is a beautifully illustrated presentation of seven Native American legends. Each creation story tells how a different wild herb came to exist and to be used by humans. In one story, a eagle carries down a piece of blue sky to create the chicory flower. In another story the stinging nettle plant was created as medicine for sick people, and than its stinging hairs were added to make sure the people remembered to give thanks for its gift. Another book is,”Mud Grape Pie”, by Catherine Cardinal, 1990, This small book tells the adventures of Jill, a petite girl who lived under a rhubarb leaf in a herb garden . The title comes from a fanciful recipe made by our fairy like heroine out of , you guessed it, mud and grapes. As Jill moves in and out of her adventures of the garden the readers get familiar with such plants as catnip, oregano, lavender, yarrow, and you become to picture the verdant world to which the heroine lives. There are many more to read with the young and old readers.


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