Lifestyle: Herbal Hints for a Healthy Sweet Home

This is a fun way for all to enjoy and have family time. The kids learn how to keep a clean house and have fun doing so. We talk about things ,that trouble them, as well as learning about herbs. We rap are knees with a towel and away we go.

Herbal Floor Wash:
I start with a very mild bleach water because it best for sanitizing and lightening old wood. Than the children and myself, freshen and scent the room with a herbal wash afterward as a final rinse for the floor. We use a teaspoon or so of essential oil added to a small bucket of warm clean water, will produce a nice smell and help to condition old wood. Our Favorites are cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, and sweet orange. Oil of spike ( similar to lavender oil but of inferior quality ) is also a good essential oil to add to the wash bucket and is far more economical to use than true lavender oil.
The kids can not wait until a Saturday to do this with me. Remember children are leaders for tomorrow.


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