The How To’s: Orange Candles

This is fast and easy, and smells really good.You can use different citrus fruits, and even go with the small pumpkins as well.

Orange Candles

1 orange
2 inch candle wick
vegetable oil ( not olive oil )
Thumb tact

Cut orange in half so the end of each half sits flat. Scoop out the pulp,and eat it. Carefully tack a wick into the bottom of the orange rind cup. Pour in oil ( approximately 1/4 cup ). Cut a 1 inch diameter hole in the top half. Place the top half of orange on the bottom half. Light the wick and enjoy the fragrance.

You also can use different spices in the oil to create you own fragrance. Pumpkin spice foe pumpkin candles, cinnamon orange spices for citrus, use you own talent and see what you come out with . Have fun.


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