Herb of the Day: Graph

( Graphites )

Graphilte ia a mineral that is found in granite, crystalline rocks, marble. It is a mixture of carbon, iron, and silica, and is contained in products such as polishes, batteries, lubricants and pencils. It is mined in Canada, United States, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. It got its name from the Greek graphein, that means to write. It was first proved by, Hahnemann. when he discovered the workmen were using it to heal their cold sores. Homeopathically, graphite is ground to a powder to make the remedy and is used to treat skin complaints and metabolic imbalances. The remedy graphite is obtained from the powdered natural mineral.
Aids with skin problems, eczema, psoriasis, nail malformation, cuts and grazes that refuse to heal, itchy scars, obesity which have been triggered by metabolic imbalances, cold sores, stomach ulcers, hair loss,cramps in hand and feet, catarrh, swollen glands, and sweating after nosebleeds, menstrual problems problems with the left side.


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