Education: Rules on safe home treatment

1. Seek professional help if in any doubt. Assessing your own symptoms is different from making a diagnosis, which needs an objective eye.
2. Consider the whole body and person first. Is medication needed? Consider a change of rest, diet, or exercise before prescribing the patient and remedy.
3. Make a list. Know what you are taking and what to expect. Keep a note of all remedies taken. this will be useful if you need help later.
4. Take as recommenced. Always remember the herbal tenet of minimum effective dosage and intervention. Stick to the standard dosages. Doubling will not double effectiveness, it just could put a extra burden on a body that is already sick.
5. Keep a monitor on the progress after a few days.
6. Just use simple remedies internally and externally. This will encourage the body to heal itself.
7. People are all individuals, children, especially respond quickly, so always be alert for changes or new symptoms.
8. Be sure to stop treatment if there is any adverse reaction.To care for you and your family by natural remedies is a pleasure, and the benefits are legion. The knowledge of herbs, the individual, and the different methods must be combined to prescribe remedies.


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