Herb of the Day: Oat

( Avena sativa )

Oats are a cereal plant, and are both extremely nutritious and useful therapeutically. Oats are the best sources of inositol, which is important for maintaining optimum blood cholesterol levels. Eaten daily they provide excellent effects. This calcium and mineral rich food is a stimulate tonic for the nervousness system. It is valuable for those suffering from cardiac, urinary and digestive complaints. Cooked oatmeal is given as a liquid extract to patients who are unable to assimilate other foods. A Dutch nutritionists substituted oat bread for wheat in a diet of volunteers, after 3 weeks, the blood cholesterol level dropped a average of 15 per cent. A traditional herbal medicine, is strained bath of oat straw is administered to patients suffering from poor circulation, rheumatism and lumbago. Oatmeal poultices are applied to skin irritations. The Scotch Highlanders, stored oatmeal to sustain them through famines, it seems they knew what to do.

Aids with: treatment of addictions, antidepressant, stress, nervous, eczema, cleansing externally and internally, protect against bowel cancer, controls hormonal activity, lowers blood cholesterol levels, anorexia, convalescence, fatigue, constipation

Oats contain gluten which causes an allergic reaction in some people.


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