Herb of the Day: Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass
( Graminaceae)

Parts used: Leaves, essential oil

Lemon Grass is a sweetly aromatic grass growing in large clumps up to 5 ft. It has narrow leaf blades and branched stalks of flowers. It is a native to southern India and Sri Lanka and is now cultivated in tropical regions around the world. Thai cuisine use it for flavoring, and has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. The essential oil is distilled from the grass leaves. It has a strong refreshing citrus smell that has many aromatherapy and domestic uses.

Aids with: a tea to remedy digestive problems, relaxes the stomach muscles and gut., relieves cramping and flatulence, particularly suitable for children, primarily regarded as a fever reducing herb ( especially where there is significant congestion ). Applied externally as a poultice or diluted essential oil, it eases pain and arthritis. In India a paste of the leaves is smeared on patches of ringworm.
As a deodorant lemongrass can be used for excessive perspiration and sweaty feet, and its astringent properties make it a effective skin toner, which helps to close open pores. It is also is effective on flea, lice, tick repellent. Use it in a vaporizer to keep flies out of the kitchen in the summer, and to get rid of pet smells from the home. Essential oil
blends well with lavender, orange, geranium, jasmine, rosemary, neroli,basil,sandalwood, eucalyptus.
Do not take the essential oil internally with out professional supervision. Dilute well as it may cause skin irritation in some people. Do not use on babies or children. Do not use around the eyes.


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