Herb Remedies: Earache

Earache may be caused by local acute infections, but can also be related to sinus problems, mumps, or toothaches. Identifying the cause is important. Recurring ear infections, especially in children, can be associated with food intolerance. Get help if the pain is in the mastoid bone ( behind the ear ) if discharge from ear,or condition persists.

Mullein & Pasque Flower Eardrops
20 drops pasque flower tincture
24 ml infused mullein
20 drops goldenseal tincture

Using a dropper put 2 drops into the ear and cover with a cotton plug. Repeat 3 times a day.

Pasque flower is a good sedative, analgesic that has a specific affinity with the ears. While Mullein is a herb with soothing properties that helps repair damaged tissue.


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