Herb of the Day: Pokeweed

Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana)
Parts used: Root; young shoots

SPECIAL NOTE: This herb is toxic and can cause severe damage, OR EVEN DEATH if you don’t know what you are doing. This particular post is ONLY for information purposes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS HERB UNLESS IT HAS BEEN PROPERLY PREPARED BY A PROFESSIONAL!!!!


Even though this herb can be harmful if used improperly, pokeweed can be a very beneficial herb for several conditions. Of course, there are many herbs that serve the same purpose, so in reality you should probably use them, but I am just giving information about all different herbs.
In earlier times, the pioneers and Native Americans used pokeweed for such conditions as external abscesses and wounds that wouldn’t heal otherwise. It has been used for enlarged glands, hardening of the liver and reduced biliary flow. It can stimulate the metabolism and has also been used as a treatment for the malnourished. Pokeweed reduces inflammation and also helps with conditions like rheumatism, tonsillitis, laryngitis and even mumps.
Pokeweed contains certain steroids that resemble cortisone so that it can help with psoriasis and slow healing wounds. When used externally as a salve, pokeweed has shown to help heal scabies, acne and fungal infections.
Native Americans also used it to treat skin cancer and skin eruptions.

Vitamin Content:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Aids with:
Arthritis, Blood Purifier, Cancer, Catarrh, Glands, Goiter
Inflammation, Laryngitis, Laxative, Lymph Nodes, Mumps, Pain, Respiratory Problems, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Skin Diseases, Tonsillitis


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