Education: Ayurveda


( A holistic system of medicine )
It is practiced in India and Sri Lanka, like traditional Chinese Medicine. Ayurved is a complete system of health care, designed to contribute to a way of life, rather than an occasional treatment. Ayurveda means , science or wisdom of life, it embraces elements as diverse as medicine, philosophy, science, spirituality, astrology, and astronomy. It has been practiced for over 3000 years, it is a sophisticated and advanced system of living that is as relevant today as it was many years ago. It is clear That Ayurveda can offer much to treat and prevent many modern diseases that conventional medicine has been unable to treat. Some of these include, ME ( myalgic encephalomyelitis ), stress, arthritis, impotence, asthma, eczema, and chronic illness. It offers natural herbal remedies to counter imbalances in the body, detoxification, diet, exercise, meditation, spiritual guidance, and emotional health .


2 thoughts on “Education: Ayurveda

    • Hello, Thank you for your kind comment As I had read once Ben Sira 38:4 The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth, and the wise will not abhor them. Should we not live with the knowledge of this. We learn from the old and new school of Herbalist, Native Indians,Grandparents, People whom trust God ,There is a herbalist that said once a little herb and a lot of prayer. How can we go wrong.

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