Herb of the Day: Red Clover

Red Clover
( Trifolium Pratense )
( Fabaceae )

Aids with: Menopause, heart health, skin disorders such as psoriasis,eczema, cancer,nutritive tonic.

We are lucky because we are able to go to any field and pick this great herb. It has in itself a long history of application as a blood cleansing herb that thins the blood, aids in digestion, and stimulates detoxification through the liver and gallbladder. This herb has been used as a purifying spring tonic, a remedy to increase energy and metabolism for spring following a winter inactivity, and as a treatment for skin problems, as psoriasis and eczema. Often in combination with herbs such as yellow dock and dandelion root. People from more than 30 countries around the world have used Red Clover both internally and externally for treating cancer Native Americans traditionally ate the leaves and the sweet flowers either raw or cooked. They used it as a blood purifier, a salve for burns, eyewash,as a treatment for a variety of gynecological problems. Around the turn of the 20 century, a line of remedies called trifolium compounds became popular with eclectic physicians ( a prominent group of American doctors who practiced around that time ) for respiratory problems, cancer, syphilis, mild sedative. Red Clover was also the backbone of Harry Hoxsey’s controversial alternative cancer therapy, which is still used in some Mexican cancer clinics. The plant was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for skin diseases until 1946. How ever, by the early 20 century, the American Medical Association had begun its attack on many herbal remedies, including Trifolium Compounds.


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