I lost my job 1 year ago thought I could make ends meet like paying light bill,which runs 300 per month,house payment 1023 a month. The only thing I know is how to clean and herbs. At 67 it is hard to get a job, so I started a web site on herbs to pay bills. I have sold i item in a year.My savings are gone now, so must give up the web site. I made a you tube because Adrian and Mark wanted to help me make money to pay bills. What a God sent they are to me. They go to a good school,and a good church. I have been a cleaner and a spoke person for the gift of herbs , all my life.Some day we will have to have only our knowledge of herbs to help us with our health. Things are looking that way every day. My blog and twitter are free so if all is willing I shall keep them to try to help people. God has never let me down in my life, I have let Him down.


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