Herbal Remedy of the Day: Chicken Pox

Chicken pox are very contagious, as I am sure you already know. It is a viral infection with symptoms such as headache, fever, lack of energy and red spots that can cover the entire body. If you’ve ever had chicken pox you know that the itching is enough to drive you crazy. If your child has chicken pox try to make sure they don’t scratch them as they could potentially open up the sores and lead to bacterial infections.
The chicken pox virus can also lead to shingles later in life. My daughter-in-law contracted shingles last year and she said that the pain was so intense that she would rather have another baby!
As a parent there are several things you can do to alleviate the condition of chicken pox.

Remedy #1 – Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender essential oil is a great help for those experiencing chicken pox. It can be dabbed directly on the spots to help ease the itch and the antibacterial action of lavender oil will also help to ward off infections. Lavender is also good to help aid the healing process.

Remedy #2 – Witch Hazel
You can either dab some directly on the spots or add some to a warm bath to ease discomfort.


Remedy #3 – Aromatherapy (Flower essences)
If your child is in a room you can get flowers such as;
Chicory – For its calming influence
Impatiens- Calm and relaxing influence


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