Herb of the Day: Angus Castus Berries

Agnus Castus Berries (aka Chaste Berries)
( Vitex angus castus )
This fruit is a pretty hardy Mediterranean scrub. It is also known as chaste tree and is reputed both to increase sex drive, and also to damp it down, as indicated by its name.
Aids with: balances hormones, PMS with irritability, breast pain, water retention, mood swings,depression, with Sage for hot flushes, helps restore menstrual cycle when coming off the contraceptive pill or when the cycle has been disrupted.
Caution: May cause changes in the menstrual cycle, this is the natural part of the way the herb works. May be taken in conjunction with hormone drugs, but it is best to seek advice of a professional herbalist before doing so. NOT TO BE taken with PROGESTERONE.
Best time to take the berries is first thing in morning before breakfast. 1 cup of decoction or 20-30 drops of tincture in a little water,to be taken daily.
The dried berries have a pleasant, peppery taste. May be powdered in a coffee grinder, sprinkled on meals.,2 good pinches or 1/4 flat teaspoon. The herb is still used in monasteries to help the monks keep their vows of chastity by balancing excess male hormones.


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