Herbal Remedy of the Day: Back Pain

Who doesn’t suffer from back pain? I know I do and it can take alot out of a person. On top of using herbs to help the general condition I also see a chiropractor at least twice a month. Posture can definitely affect the condition of your back and poor posture can lead to serious problems. There are many herbs that help with pain in general. The herbs and general remedies that follow are some good suggestions for your back if you suffer from back pain.


Thyme – Make a strong infusion of thyme tea, using 1 oz of dried herb to 3 cups of water, strain and add to a hot bath. Soak for as long as you like and it will help relieve the muscles, which can help relieve pain.

Crampbark and Prickly Ash- Make a decoction (see how to make a decoction in the How To’s category) using 1/2 oz crampbark and 1/4 oz prickly ash. Rub decoction directly into affected areas, especially beneficial for neck stiffness and lumbar regions.

With this remedy, you will combine several different herbs and make a hot infused oil (That is also in the How-To’s) and use it as a rub.
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tbsp white willow bark (dried)
1 tsp thyme essential oil
1 tsp St. John’s wort essential oil (if you don’t have the oil use 1 tsp dried herb)

Mix herbs and oils together and use after a hot bath for back pain, especially sciatica, back pain due to neuralgia, stiff joints and chronic muscle ache.


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