Education: Bleeding (internal, external)

Among most herbalists Cayenne pepper,or capsicum, is considered to be the ideal agent to stop bleeding. But now medical science has demonstrated the superior value of Kelp and related seaweeds.The alginic from Kelp has been used extensively in surgery to stop bleeding from venous sinuses, bone and extradural veins. A special kind of Kelp or alginic “wool” has been used in numerous hospitals, due to its highly absorbent and coagulant properties. The high sodium content in Kelp is one factor responsible for stopping hemorrhaging so quickly. Marine biologists have also observed that when such plants are injured, the alginic acid in their juices is exuded to react whit calcium in the sea water, which than becomes insoluble and forms a seal around the wound. It is a well known fact that alginic acid absorbs 200 to 300 times its weight in water. For this reason it is widely used by food technologists as a conditioner in puddings, ice creams,and pastries. Kelp has also been recognized clinically for reducing internal inflammations as well


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