Education: Excellent Organic Fertilizer

Excellent Organic Fertilizer

Kelp makes an excellent organic fertilizer. Mix 1 part fish emulsion,2 parts Kelp powdered,10 parts dried cow manure and 50 parts water. Mix it in a closed container,than cover and let brew stand for several days,stirring occasionally the blend the ingredients together. Tomatoes,corn,squash,melons,peppers,and most flowering plants and shrubs should respond to about 1 pint of this portion. Just pour 1/2 of it over the leaves and the rest around the base of the plant. Follow with a heavy watering.Kelp holds wonderful potential as a possible plant fuel or energy alternative for the immediate future.
Marine scientists with the help of Navy frogmen have been transplanting large sections of Kelp on the ocean bottom in a special kind of :seaweed farm:Such wet plant biomass is a good source for liquid fuel (ethanol) and also to generate methane gas (a replacement for natural gas.


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