Sesame Seeds:Education

In the Near East where Sesame is common,the plant is often found growing near caves and crevices in the surrounding rocks. Historical tradition has suggested that on several occasions,the presence of Sesame plant by a cave often led to the discovery of remarkable treasures therein. One was connected with Ali Baba’s famous line “open Sesame”,when the entrance opened as if by magic to theses words. The other ,more reliable reference,had to be with an insignificant 15 year old Bedouin boy in 1947,who chased after his runaway goat and finally found the goat contentedly chewing on some succulent Sesame plant in front of an open cave.Mohammed adh-Dhib entered and discovered a melange of broken pottery and a number of dusty,old manuscript fragments scattered about. Thus was the hidden archaeological treasure of the Dead Sea Scrolls finally brought to light after many centuries and the rest of the story has now become history,all due to the uncanny spots near to which Sesame frequently chooses to grow.
Sea same aids with, common cold, flu, lice, obesity, poor eye sight, premature births, scar tissue, spleen, staph infections, stress, weakness


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