Herbal Remedy of the Day: High Blood Pressure

I suffer from High Blood Pressure and I can tell you that it is no picnic. As long as I stay on my regimen I do all right, but when stress or other factors invade, it can be extremely uncomfortable. there are many different herbs and essential oils that can help with high blood pressure.

Garlic. Yum!

Garlic. Besides being delicious, garlic is very helpful for the body. It thins the blood, reduces fatty deposits and lowers high blood pressure. I take 2 capsule of Garlic oil daily and it really helps. (I also cook with it so I’m pretty sure I am getting enough garlic.)
Take in pill form or eat 3 fresh garlic cloves per day
Gingko Biloba acts by aiding the body’s circulation, reduce high blood pressure and helps prevent arteriosclerosis.
Take the pills or 1/2 tsp of fluid extract 2-3 times per day for 2 months at a time, give it a month then start again.
My favorite herb: Ginger. Ginger has been shown to improve circulation, especially the capillaries.
Grate 1/4 tsp of fresh ginger into your food each day


4 thoughts on “Herbal Remedy of the Day: High Blood Pressure

  1. I too have high blood pressure, and have had a heart attack. For some (like me) the garlic hasn’t been enough for the high blood pressure….congratulations on the fact that you have it all under control!

    • There are several other herbs that you might try. If I am having one of my days, I will also use cayenne in conjunction with the garlic as cayenne will enhance the effect of other herbs. My son has also made me a tincture that I take twice daily. Other herbs that you can try are fenugreek, evening primrose, ginger or hawthorn.

  2. Thanks…I have tried the cayenne, but it tends to speed up my heart rate, and that is a problem. I have tried all the others except fenugreek…guess I will be trying it too!

    • Hello tequalelu,
      I know it is hard when we deal with high blood pressure. This is what i find helps me I eat celery and drink celery tea.I take the herb hawthron which improves heart function,irregular heart beat,blood pressure. Eat if you can 1/4 cup walnuts if you can a day Helps you heart.garlic. Ease off salt and make your own there is a recipe on my blog if you wish to make it or get Mrs Dash’s. Or use kelp. Banana’s,calcium magnesium,apples,any thing that keeps you veins clear.
      I hope this helps you

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