Herbal Remedy of the Day: Twitching Eyelids

Many people suffer from this condition. It can be irritating and in some cases could mean that there is a nerve disorder in the body. If you experience this on a very regular basis, then you should definitely see a professional. If it an occasional thing, then there are a couple of simple remedies that could help alleviate this annoying condition.

This seems a little old-fashioned, but get a couple of slices of cucumber and place them on your eyelids. Sit back and relax and they will help to soothe the eyes and reduce irritation

Most twitches seem to be caused by tension, stress or tiredness. In this case there are several relaxing herbs that would benefit the condition. A tea made from chamomile, lavender or vervain should help relax and refresh you.

Lavender flowers

Some people prefer aromatherapy as a treatment. If the cause of the tick is stress, then essences such as lavender or marjoram added to a bath could be helpful or try a cool compress with chamomile or rose oil. Place the compress over the eye and relax for awhile.


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