Herbal Remedy of the Day: Insect Bites and Stings

Honey bee stinging

There are many different kinds of insects that bite and sting. My daughter-in-law was stung on the toe last week by a bee. Her toe swelled up and it made it difficult for her to walk and even where her shoes.
My son made a compress that she put on it and she said that the pain went away rather quickly and the swelling went down within the hour. The good thing about honey bee stings is that they can only sting you once, and once they sting you they quickly die.
The bad thing about honey bee stings is that they are barbed and usually tend to leave the venom sack attached to the stinger. If you just try to grab the stinger with your fingers, you will squeeze the venom sack and inject more venom into the wound. The best way I found to remove them is to scrape it sideways with a credit card, that way there is less likelihood of more poison put into your system.

Yellow jacket stinger

Yellow jackets, wasps, hornets though are entirely different. Their stingers are like daggers and they can sting you repeatedly. If you have been stung by one of these, leave the area immediately! Don’t swat at them or irritate them any more than you have to. When my son was about 11 he stepped on a nest and stung about 12 times. That was not a fun experience for him at all. (Or for me either)

If you have been stung or bitten, one very simple method of treating it is to get some baking soda with water. Make it into a thick paste and it will help to draw the poisons out.

Herbal methods of relief are as follows

Make a compress of Chamomile, lavender and red clover. If you only have one of these, that’s okay, as some is better than none. (you can see how to do that in the How-To’s category of this blog). Apply the cold compress to the sting. You can also use some essential oils like; Myrrh or calendula.
If you have an allergy, you need to go to a professional immediately.


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