Herb of the Day: Papaya

Papaya Fruit

Papaya (Carica papaya)
Parts used: The fruit; the leaves; seeds

Okay so it isn’t technically an herb, but they taste great and are extremely beneficial. Papaya contains papain which is an enzyme that breaks down proteins to make them more digestible. Papaya juice has been used to dissolve corns, warts and pimples. Open wounds and infected skin have been treated using wraps made out of papaya leaves.
Papaya has been used to treat ulcers and as an aid for internal bleeding. It has also shown promise for cleaning discharges of the middle ear. The seeds have been used for expelling worms, enlarged liver and bleeding piles.
Papaya has even been used for excessive and to stop bleeding.

Vitamin Content:
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

Aids with:
Allergies, blood clotting, colon cleanser, burns, constipation, digestion, diarrhea, freckles (juice), gas, hemorrhage, insect bites, intestinal cleanser, sores, stomach problems, worms, wounds


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