Herbal Remedy of the Day: Bronchitis Relief

Bronchitis, asthma, colds/flus, they all affect the respiratory system. Respiratory ailments can be painful and dangerous. Here is a simple remedy for problems with your lungs using a common herb that most people have in their herb rack- celery seed.
First, you must know that celery seed is a powerful diuretic. If you take this herb internally, then you MUST drink alot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
If you are having problems breathing, you should call a doctor if possible.

For congestion due to the above conditions, then try this:

Celery seed has a pungent, salty quality and acts as an expectorant.

1. Take a small saucepan and put 2 cups of water in it.
2. Add 1 tablespoon to the water and bring to a boil
3. Let boil for 5 minutes and take off of the stove
4. Set pan on an oven mitt on the counter then take a bath towel, put it over your head to form a tent over the pan
5. Breath the steam for 2-3 minutes or until symptoms ease


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