Herb of the Day: Arjuna

( Terminalia arjuna)
Parts used: Bark
Arjuna is an evergreen tree that grows reaching 100 ft. It has pale yellow flowers and cone shaped leaves. The Arjuna tree is found throughout most of Indian subcontinent,from Sri Lanka to Himalayas. It thrives in wet,marshy areas,riverbanks. The tree is grown from seed and the bark is cut in late winter. The bark of arjuna has been used at least for 3000 years by Indian herbal medicine ,and has always been used as a valued heart remedy. The first person ever to be credited with prescribing arjuna for heart disease was Vagbhata,and Indian physician of the 7th century.Arjuna is an example of an herb for which the traditional use has been confirmed by modern pharmacological research.
Arjuna contains: Tannins,Triterpenoid saponins,Flavonoids,Phytosterola.
Aids with: lowers blood pressure,cardiac tonic,reduces cholesterol levels.
In Indian herbal medicine arjuna has been taken as a heart tonic,it has a long history of treating heart failure and edema ( a condition in which fluid accumulates in the ankles,legs because the heart is not pumping adequately.)
Indian folk medicine,juice was extracted from the leaves as a traditional remedy for earaches. The herb is also traditionally believed to be a adequately. Ayurvedic physicians use arjuna to restore balance when any of the 3 humors, (kapha,pitta,or vata),is present in excess. In a decoction the bark is used to treat diarrhea,dysentery.The powdered bark is used for as part of a traditional Ayurvedic treatment for asthma. It is also used for in Ayurveda for bile duct problems,poisoning and scorpion stings.
Modern heart remedy,Arjuna is beneficial for angina,poor coronary circulation.heat’s rate,rhythm that is abnormal.by lowering cholesterol levels,reducing blood pressure,supporting normal heart function,improves the health of circulation,reduces the risk of developing a serious heart problem.


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