Uncategorized: Paroviral Infection of Puppies

My friends puppy had paroviral infection,taking it to a vet. it did no help.So we mixed up some herbs and her puppy was fine. Maybe it does not work for all puppies but it did for this one.

Mix together 1 tsp. of powder elecampane root
1/2/ tsp. of the flowers,leaves,stems,of mixed mints,powdered ginger root,powdered echinaccea,powdered black willow bark
Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the mixture,let set in a covered pot for 30 minutes
Take a syringe (with out needle) draw 3cc of the strained liquid. Stick this into puppies mouth,squirt mixture down its throat.
After 1 hour increase the dosage a little more and keep this up every 4 hours. Puppy should be drinking out of bowl by itself (the herbal concoction. Keep of solids and give it herbal mixture 2x a day for 4 days.After 4th days gradually reintroduction to solid food again.
This is what happens when we put our trust in the simple herbs that the Lord has created for healing of man and animals.


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