Herb of the Day: Gumplant

Parts used: Leaves,flowering tops
Gumplant is a perennial herb that grows to 3 ft. It has triangular leaves and yellow orange daisy type flowers. It is a native to southwestern US and Mexico. It grows in a arid and saline soil,and harvested in late summer when in flower
It contains diterpenes,resins,flavonoids,grindelic acid.
It was used by the Native Americans to treat bronchial problems and skin afflictions.and recognized by the Pharmacopoeia of the US from 1882 to 1926.
It is a valuable remedy for bronchial asthma and states where phlegm in the airways impedes respiration. Gumplant is an antispamodic and a expectorant,that helps relax the muscles of the smaller bronchial passages to clear congested mucus. It is thought to desensitize the nerve endings in the bronchial tree and slow the heart rate,both leading to easier breathing. Gumplant is also taken for bronchitis,emphysema,and clears mucus build up in the throat,nose. It also treats whooping cough,hay fever,cystitis,and externally to help spreed the healing of skin irritation and burns.
Gumplant is toxic in excessive doses. Do not take if suffering from kidney or heart problems.


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