Herb of the Day: Wild Hydrangea

Wild Hydrangea
( Hydrangea arborescens)
Parts used: Root

Wild Hydrangea it a woody stemmed deciduous shrub that grows to about 10 foot. It has oval leaves and clusters of small creamy white flowers.It is a native to the eastern U S from New York to Florida,it grows on river banks and in woodlands.
It thought to contain flavonoids,a cyanogenic glycoside,saponins and volatile.
The Cherokee used it as a remedy for kidney and bladder problems. Than in the 19th century Physiomedicalist herbal movement used a formula comprising hydrangea,couch grass,hollyhock to treat serious kidney disorders including nephritis.
Western herbal medicine considers the diuretic hydrangea as being particularly helpful in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones. It is thought both to encourage the expulsion of stones and to help dissolve those that remain. The herb is given for many other conditions that effect the genitourinary system including cystitis,urethritis,enlarged prostate,and prostatitis.


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