Herb of the Day: American Spikenard

American Spikenard
(Aralia racemosa)

Parts uesd: Root

It is a aromatic perennial bush that grows 6 ft. It Has thick fleshy roots,large leathery leaves,small greenish white flowers,red or purple berries.
Contains: a volatile oil,tannins and diterpene acids.
It is a native to North America,and root is unearth in summer or autumn.
The Cherokee and the New World settlers made it as a tea for backaches .The Shawnee’s used it for flatulence,coughs,asthma,breast pain. The Menominee used it for a cure for blood poisoning. America Spikenard was included in the US National formulary from 1916 to 1965. Many of it’s use comes directly from Native American precedents. It encourages sweating and is a stimulant,detoxifying. It is taken for rheumatism,asthma,coughs. Applied as a poultice it is used to treat some skin conditions,including eczema.
Caution: Do not take if pregnant.


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