Herb of the Day: Water Hyssop

Water Hyssop
(Bacopa monnieri)
Parts used: Aerial Parts

Water Hyssop is a creeping succulent perennial grows about 20 inches.It has a spatula shaped fleshly leaves and pale blue or white flowers on long slender stalks.
It grows in warmer temperate,tropical climates,in southern Asia. It thrives in marshlands.
It contains triterpenoid,saponins,bacosides.

Water Hyssop is used principally for nervous system disorders as,neuralgia,epilepsy,mental illness,indigestion,ulcers,gas,constipation,asthma,bronchitis,infertility,rheumatic,premature ejaculation,remedy for filariasis(a tropical disease caused by worms) Indian research suggests that water hyssop improves mental function and memory,and reduces learning time. Water Hyssop a swamp plant may have a tonic effect on the brain.


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