Herb of the Day: Tea Tree

Tea Tree
( Melaleuca alternifolia)
Parts used: Leaves

Tea Tree oil is one of the most important natural antiseptics. It is used for stings,burns,wounds,skin infections of all kinds. This herb should be in every ones medicine chest.It is a native to Australia and is a traditional remedy of the Aborigines. Its therapeutic properties were first researched in 1920,and now is widely used in Europe,North America and Australia.
Contains volatile oil,terpinen,gamma-terpinene,alphaterinene. Key actions are antiseptic,antibacterial,antifungal,antiviral,immune stimulant.
Aids with: skin infections,ringworm,corns,warts,acne,boils,infective burns,scrapes,wounds,insect bites,stings,fungal,vagina yeast infections,mouthwashes,gargle,
Do not take the essential oil internally except under professional.supervision.


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