Herb of the Day: Schisandra

(Schisandra chinensis)
Parts used:Fruit

Research on schisandra has focused on lignans which have a pronounced anti-hepatotoxis (liver protective) action. Up to 30 different lignans have been identified in schisandra. Research from 1972 has reported the beneficial action of this herb on the liver one trial indicated a 76% success rate in treating patients with hepatitis, with no side effects being noted. The berries are thought to be potentially useful in treating depression,to improve irritability and forgetfulness. It helps the body to adapt to stress,stimulates the uterus strengthening rhythmic contractions.It is a tonic herb acts throughout the body strengthening and toning many different organs. The berries has been prescribed to treat mental illnesses such as neuroses,concentration,coordination,forgetfulness,irritability,chronic coughs,shortness of breath,wheezing,night sweats,thirst,hives,eczema,diarrhea,dysentery,failing sight,protect liver and hearing.


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