Herb of the Day:White Mulberry

White Mulberry
(Murraya koenigii)

Prats used:Leaves,root bark,fruit,twigs

The leaves of White Mulberry contains flavonoids,anthocyannins,and artocapin. The flavonoids are antioxidant. The fruit contains vitamins A,B1,B2, and C.White Mulberry is a native to China. The leaves are gathered in late autumn,the twigs in early summer,berries when ripe in summer,than the root is dug up in winter.The leaves of White Mulberry is food for the silkworm. The silkworm’s feces are used in Chinese medicine to treat vomiting. The Leaves are an expectorant,encouraging the loosening and coughing up of mucus. The leaves are also taken to treat fevers,sore and inflamed eyes,sore throats,headaches,dizziness and vertigo. The juice is cleansing and tonic and has often been used as a gargle,mouthwash. The root bark may be used for toothache,laxative. Twigs are used to combat fluid retention and joint pain. The juice taken to prevent premature graying of hair,to treat dizziness,ringing in the ears,blurred vision,and insomnia.An extract of the leaves has been given injection for elephantiasis.


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