Herb of the Day: Wormwood

(artemisia absinthium)

Parts used :The Herb,Leaves

Wormwood is effective in promoting menstruation and has a stimulating effect on uterine circulation and will also help with cramps.Wormwood has been useful for all complaints of the digestive system such as constipation and indigestion. It is also useful to stimulate sweating in dry fevers and for the stomach acidity.Wormwood is best used in small quantities and for only short periods at a time. Wormwood is rarely been given to children. Wormwood has been used externally and internally to check falling hair and baldness. The taste of wormwood is bitter.

Vitamins contain; Vitamin B-complex,and C.manganese,calcium,potassium,sodium,small amounts of cobalt,tin.

Aids with: Stomach problems,worms,jaundice,menstruation problems,liver problems,fever,constipation,debility,digestion aids,menstrual cramps,dropsy,gall bladder,gout,increase appetite,blood circulation,relieves labor pains,kidney problems,nausea,morning sickness,expels poison,obesity,rheumatism.


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