Herb of the Day: Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry
(prunus virginiana)

Parts used: Bark

Wild Cherry is considered a very useful expectorant. It is a valuable remedy for all catarrhal conditions.It is also beneficial for bronchial disorders caused by the hardened accumulation of mucus. It contains a volatile oil which acts as a local stimulant the alimentary canal which helps aid in digestion.Wild Cherry is a useful tonic for those convalescing. It tones up the entire system.

Aids with:asthma,hectic fever,high blood pressure,hardened mucus,loosens phlegm,tuberculosis,loosens coughs,catarrh,bronchitis,intestinal worms,scrofula,flu,gall bladder,eye sight,dyspepsia,diarrhea,spasms,heart palitation,irritated stomach


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