Herb of the Day: Violet

(viola odorata)

Parts used; Flowers and leaves

Violet is very effective healing for internal ulcers. It also is used for externally and internally for tumors,abscesses,,boils, pimples,swollen glands and malignant growths. The properties of violet leaves and flowers seem to have a abilities to reach places only that only the blood and the lymphatic fluids penetrate. It is also useful in difficult breathing when the causes are from morbid accumulations of material in the stomach and bowels causing gas,distention and pressure.

Vitamins contains: A and C

Aid with: tumors,ulcers,sinus(catarrh),coughs,head congestion colds,gout,cancer,bronchitis,asthma,breathing,scrofula,sores,syphilis,whooping cough, sore throat,headaches


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