The Herb of the Day: Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa
(Eriodictyon californicum Benth.)
Part used: Leaves

Yerba Santa is a mild but a useful decongestant. This herb is used for all forms of bronchial congestion. Yerba Santa is excellent in the remedy of chest conditions,acute chronic. This herb purifies the blood. Yerba Santa stimulates the salivary and other digestive secretions. The Indians used the fresh or dried leaves as a poultice for broken or unbroken skin. It is used for pain in rheumatism,tired limbs and of swelling and sores.

Aids with:asthma,bronchial congestion,colds,hay fever,vomiting,sore throat,rheumatism,chronic laryngitis,cough,catarrh,nose discharge,flu,dysentery,bladder catarrh,stomach aches,kidney problems,diarrhea


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