Herb of the Day: Mustard

Mustard (Sinapis alba)
Part used: seed

Mustard is a great appetite stimulant and also has benefits to the digestive system. Mustard seed tea can be used to aid with difficult menstruation or an irritated urinary tract. It has been used as an emetic for narcotic poisoning by emptying the stomach without damage to the system. It can be put into a compress for stiff muscles and carry away toxins.

Vitamin content:
High amounts of calcium, phosphorus and potassium
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1, B2, B12
Vitamin C

Aids with:
Appetite stimulant, bad breath, blood purifier, bronchitis, emphysema, gas, indigestion, pleurisy, snake bites, sore throat
Arthritis, feet, fever, kidneys, liver, lungs, pneumonia, sprains


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