Herb of the Day: Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock
(Rumex cripus)

Parts used; Root

Yellow Dock is an astringent and a blood purifier and is useful in treating diseases of the blood and chronic skin ailments. It is one of the best blood builders in the herb kingdom. It stimulates elimination, improving flow of bile and acting as a laxative. It is a nutritive tonic very high in iron so it is very useful in treating anemia. It nourishes the spleen and liver and is therefore effective in treating jaundice,lymphatic,problems and skin eruptions.

Vitamins-rich in iron,A,C,and manganese,nickel

Aids with; anemia,blood purifier,itching,ulcerated eyelids,liver congestion,bleeding lungs,lymphatic problems,rheumatism,skin problems,spleen,thyroid glands,tumors,ulcers,dyspepsia,cancer,bleeding bowels,bronchitis chronic,blood disorders,bladder,ears running,scurvy,

Always remember to check with your doctor before taken any herb. Herbs are medicine


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