Herb of the Day: Yarrow

(Achilla millefolium)

Parts used; Flower
Greeks believed that Achilla discovered the healing properties of yarrow and healed himself and his soldiers with it. Renaissance herbalist said that yarrow grew in churchyards as a reproach to the dead,who might still be living if they drank their yarrow broth daily. Yarrow is used as a tonic in helping regulate the liver.It is diaphoretic,stomachic,antispasmodic,carminative,expectorant and antiseptic. It is no wonder the herbalist prescribes yarrow for colds,coughs,flu, all fevers, children’s eruptive diseases,internal hemorrhages,excessive menstruation. It has recently been mentioned as having properties as an anti-cancer agent.

Vitamin,A,C,E,F and some vitamin K,manganese,copper,potassium,iodine and iron

Aids with: lung hemorrhage,measles,nose bleeds,obstructed perspiration,fevers,catarrh,blood cleanser,bowel hemorrhage,bladder,brights disease,bronchitis,cancer,chicken pox,colds,cuts,epilepsy,cuts,flu,diarrhea(infants),hair falling out,malaria,menstrual bleeding,sore nipples,piles,pneumonia,pleurisy,small pox,ulcers,urine retention,throat inflamed,headaches,abrasions,bruises,burns. A valuable herb that has a wide range of uses.


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