Herb of the Day:Sassafras

(sassafras officinale)

Parts used: Root Bark

Sassafras stimulates the action of the liver to clear toxins from the system,making a good toxic especially after childbirth. It stimulant and destorys certain protozoa. It has been a pain killer and also to treat venereal diseases. The Indians used an infusion of sassafras root to bring down a fever. It increases perspiration,toothaches,helps with skin affections,stimulates activity of the kidneys.Sassafras and Burdock are excellent appetite control hormone tonic, the ingredients of these herbs aid the pituitary gland releasing a ample supply of protein ,that adjust hormone balance in the body.

Aids with,;acne,blood purifier,boils,kidney problems,obesity,poison ivy,poison oak,psoriasis,skin diseases,water retention,varicose ulcers,toothache,colic,afterpains,bronchitis spams,increases perspiration gas,stomach cramps


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