Herb of the Day:The value of Spices

The value of spices to Europeans in the late Middle Ages can hardly be imagined today. A handful of cardamon was worth as much as a poor man’s yearly wages, and many a slave was bought and sold for a few handfuls of peppercorn.However, the Europeans rediscovered the sources of spice trade. With Marco Polo, more and more travelers ventured eastwards and found where the centers of spice-growing and spice-trading were located. In 1835 American settlers in Texas developed chili powder by combining various ground peppers from Mexico, thus uncovering an entire new dimension of American taste. Later in California, once the gold rush had subsided, mustard seed and some herbs were grown.
America was settled by people from many nations who, in their native lands enjoyed dishes which were distinctively spiced. World War II hundreds of thousands of American soldiers bought home from the war a taste for Oriental and Mediterranean foods.In 1948 and 1956 the sale of oregano in the United States increased 5200 per cent,primarily because of an extraordinary new demand for pizza and other Italian specialties.
American today enjoy more interesting more varied and more satisfying food than any nation has ever known before.
Spices are valuable to us they come from herbs,read all you can and use them. Teach you children about them,I was taught from a early age,learn what each spice is for and how to use them.



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