Herb of the Day:Adder’s Tongue

Adder’s Tongue,also know as Serpent’s Tongue,Dog’s Tooth Violet.Yellow Snowdrop.Rattlesnake Violet,Yellow Snakeleaf.

Habitat:United States it will also grow in other temperate zones.Growth needs rich earth,grows readily in sunshine with or without shade.

Description:This plant is of the lily family,with two pear-shaped pale green leaves and a single drooping yellow flower.

Parts used:The underground bulb,from which the plant grows,and the leaves.

Effects:When swallowed,it will cause vomiting and so is an emetic.When placed directly upon tissue,it has a soothing and softening effect and so it is also an emollient

Recorded uses:The fresh leaves may be used whole but preferably should be somewhat bruised and applied directly to ulcers or tumors. In addition the tea resulting from pouring some boiling water over the leaves and allowing it to stand until tolerable for drinking may be taken several times a day for absorption into the body.Another method is to extract the juice from the plant and mix into boiling water,one teaspoon to a cup of water.This herb is reputed to be valuable in treating tuberculosis involving diseased glands and also for scurvy,the disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C and marked by weakness,anemia and bleeding from the mucous membrane or skin,Another use for this herb is the relief it often affords in cases of hiccups and in conditions of swelling due to accumulation of fluid in various body cavities known as dropsy.An ancient authority on herbs states that this herb is also valuable for bleeding at the mouth or nose.The preferred method of doing this would be to apply some of the herb in dry powdered form directly to the areas of bleeding.


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