Herb of the Day: Myrrh

Myrrh (Balsamodendron myrrha)

Parts used: The Resin

This isn’t like the other herbs that I have listed, you only use the resin of this herb. At one time Myrrh was worth its weight in gold, literally. For those of you who actually remember the story, it was given along with frankincense as gifts by the Three Kings. The reasons weren’t just because of its value as an incense, but also due to the remarkable properties of myrrh.
Myrrh is the best antiseptic herb in the herb kingdom. It works best on the mucus membranes. Many herbalists believe that myrrh is second only to echinacea as a remedy. It works well for the stomach and colon because of its cleansing and healing properties. The essential oil of myrrh contain antiseptic properties, and when used as a tincture and mixed with water is a great gargle for sore throat.
Myrrh also strengthens the digestive system and helps the body remove waste.

Aids with:
Abrasions, asthma, bad breath, bronchitis, catarrh, colon, coughs, cuts, diarrhea, eczema, gas, gums, hemorrhoids, herpes, indigestion, lung disease, menstrual problems, mouth sores, nipples (sore), piles, pimples, scarlet fever, sinus problems, skin sores, stomach, throat, tuberculosis, ulcers, wounds


2 thoughts on “Herb of the Day: Myrrh

    • Hello Friend,Thank you for your concern,don’t you worry because it is not good for you to do so.Sunday was my birth day so,was running out of lotions,shampoos,rubs,creams.I make my own and the Grandkids love to help,I love to teach them all I know, I have been selling a lot of I call it (Holy Cow.) sore joint and muscles rub, It seems a lot of my friends have sore joints and muscles. Thank you again stop the worry not good for your health

      Blessings to you and yours

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