Herb of the Day:Mullein

(Verbascum thapsus)

Parts used: Leaves

Mullein is called a natural wonder herb with narcotic properties,without being habit forming or poisonous. Mullein is a great pain killer and helps induce sleep. It has a calming effect on all inflamed and irritated nerves This is why it works so well in controlling coughs,cramps,and spasm. It has the ability to loosen mucus and move it out of the body. It is a valuable for all lung problems because it nourishes as well as strengthens. The crushed fresh flowers have been used to remove warts. The tea has been used for dropsy,sinusitis, and swollen joints. The hot tea helps when applied to mumps,tumors,sore throat, and tonsillitis
Mullein is high in iron,magnesium,potassium,and sulphur. It contains A,D,and B complex.

Aids with: Athma,bleeding bowel and lungs,bronchitis,coughs,croup,diarrhea,dysentery,earaches(oil),cleans glands,insomnia,lymphatic system,lung problems,nervousness,relieves pain,pleurisy,sinus congsetion,tuberculosis,venereal diseases,wounds,sores,phumonia,hoarseness,hemorrhoids,hemorrhage,hay fever,gas,female problems,dropsy,diaper rash,cramos,colds,bruises,bowel complaints.


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