The How To’s:Cat FeLV

A owner understands that a infected cat will usually refuse to eat.Here you must use tough love by feeding it with a feeding syringe it can be difficult and unpleasant. An easy way is take a towel rap it in it tightly,leaving the head out. Use the feeding syringe slowly.Use the following food paste.

1/2 cup raw organic beef liver
1 tsp. pines mighty greens
1 tsp. liquid kyolic aged garlic extract
5 drops ConcenTrace
1 tsp. liquid vitamin C
4 Tbs. to 1/2 cup spring or mineral water
Directions: Put the ingredients in order given into a blender on high until the consistency is liquefied and more water if needed.

The immune system of a sick cat responds well to raw protein food.It may even eat on its own with out force feeding.Many herb teas to consider is red clover blossoms.I’ve worked with this herb for many years in sever infections,including cancer. It is by far , I think , the best herb for detoxifying the body of poisons. To make tea use 2 tsp. red clover and 1 tsp dried catnip,1 1/2 pints boiling spring water, cover steep for 20 minutes. Give the cat 1/2 cup refrigerate the rest. Reheat water be fore giving cat again never give it cold.
You should see a improvement in your cat but always keep it up never give up.



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