Herb of the Day:Mistletoe

(Phoradendron flavescens)

Parts used: The Herb

Mistletoe acts a on the circulatory system. It increases then lowers blood pressure. Mistletoe can also constrict blood vessels and stimulate the heart beat. Hippocrates claimed that Mistletoe was an excellent remedy for the spleen. Some modern European physicians believe that treating the spleen is beneficial in cases of epilepsy. Mistletoe is one of the best tranquilizers and is not habit forming. It is beneficial in migraine headaches. Used in any condition where there is a weakness or disordered state of the nervous system. Mistletoe is a useful herb. It will quite and soothe the nerves and reduce cerebral activity.

Mistletoe contains vitamin B12,calcium,sodium,magnesium,potassium,iron,cobalt,iodine,copper,and cadmium.

Aids with:chorea,stimulates circulation,convulsions,epilepsy,internal hemorrhages,high blood pressure,spleen,tumors,tonic,migraine headaches,mental disturbance,hysteria,hypoglycemia,hypertension,heart problems,gall bladder,delirium,bed wetting,blood cleanser,asthma,arthritis,arteriosclerosis


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