Herb of the Day:Marjoram

(Origanum vulgare)

Parts used: The Herb

Marjoram has tonic,stimulant and carminative properties. Therefore,it is a useful in asthma,coughs,and various spasmodic afflictions. One custom is to give warm infusion of Marjoram at the onset of measles. It produces a gentle perspiration and brings out the eruption. It helps to strengthen stomach and intestines and is used as an antidote for narcotic poison,convulsions and dropsy.
Marjoram contains vitamins A and C,niacin, some thiamine,riboflavin,and vitamin B12. Also it contains calcium potassium,magnesium,phosphorus,some iron,sodium,zinc,and silicon.

Aids with: Colic,violet coughs,abdominal cramps,nervous headaches,indigestion,respiratory problems,regulates measles,narcotic poisoning,whooping coughs,tuberculosis,seasickness,gastritis,dropsy,fevers,convulsions,bedwetting,asthma,water retention,nightmares,nausea,diarrhea


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