Recipe of the Day: Sun-Cooked Berry Preserves

Sun-Cooked Berry Preserves

• 2 lbs. strawberries
• 1 lb. raspberries
• 6 Cups sugar
• 3 cups water

1. Wash berries and weigh
2. Combine sugar and water and cook at 228 degrees F, until it spins a thread, remove from heat
3. Add berries and let stand overnight
4. Skim berries from syrup and place in deep baking dishes in a single layer
5. Cook syrup again at 228 degrees F, then pour over berries
6. Cover berries with cheesecloth and let stand in direct sunlight for 3-4 days.
7. When syrup becomes thick, pour into clean, hot jars and seal

Note: Bring preserves in every night. Dampness causes molds to form quickly on this type of preserves. If the sun does not shine, cooking must be finished indoors.


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