Herb of the Day:Marigold

(calendula officinalis)

Parts Used: The Herb

Marigold is a very useful herb to keep on hand as a first aid remedy. It has been used in the ears to relieve earaches or as a tea for acute ailments,especially for fevers. It is also useful for bleeding hemorrhoids. It is effective as a tincture when applied to bruises,sprains,muscle spasms and ulcers. It has been used as a snuff to discharge mucus from the nose. Some Herbalist say it is an excellent for the heart and for circulation. It has as excellent effect on old or badly healed scars.
Marigold is high in phosphorus and contains vitamins A and C.

Aids with: external bruises,external cuts,eye infections,skin diseases,toothache,varicose veins,wounds,ear infections,cancer,blood cleansers,colitis,hepatitis,fevers,ulcers,hemorrhoids,anemia,amenorrhea,cramps.


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